Hiking Sycamore Trail to Chainsaw Log, a Fallen Tree Sculpture in the Woods

Not knowing what to expect, I approached and looked closely. And when I did, I was awestruck. For what I had thought was merely a big log was in fact a gigantic tree sculpture, almost like a carved mural in wood.

Hiking Sycamore Trail to Chainsaw Log, a Fallen Tree Sculpture in the Woods

Published by wickedrevs56

Dano first started making kites in the Caribbean Islands as a teen using coconut palm fronds, bits of tissue paper, and scavenged twine, even built a hang glider which flew for a short distance!! Many years later he was introduced to sport kites in the late 1990’s, moved to Texas and attended Zilker Park Kite Fest in Austin. Watching Tye and Troy at Zilker Park sparked what he casually but seriously calls an addiction with Quad line kites. Attending a AKA competition in Rockport in 2000 he fell in love with the community, it’s beaches and breezes, so he moved there two weeks later. Another hobby and passion since early teen years has been photography. Starting with a classic Kodak Hawkeye Brownie, he was given an ArgusC3 35mm, used numerous SLR as a sports photog, worked as a darkroom tech, and now has progressed to the digital age! He is sharing his journey in images and expressing his writing interest on Wordpress.

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